Tuesday 3rd October v. Lisburn Distillery (home) - BetMcLean League Cup rd1 - k.o: 7:45pm

Lisburn Distillery Match Preview
Sports Bond doggy treats for Fraser
Uploaded Monday, 27th Feb, 2023 at 06:56

WE HAVE mentioned that we have a number of canine members on Sports Bond.
This week one of them Fraser (A8835) the family pet of Sports Bond agent David Brown was a £50 major winner, which means doggy treats all the way for this multiple winner on Sports Bond. In fact Fraser has now won two £50 and one £10. Is there any member out there with a cat or a parrot even a sheep to register as a member as we would like to extend our pet membership.

The only lady winner this week was Kim Cochrane (A1860) a friend of Sports Bond agent Janice Crawford on whose agency she was a £50 major winner this week.

The minor winners this week were all male and were Jimmy Patterson (A2799) on the agency of brother Tommy Patterson, Roy Colville (A3678) who won £50 last year on the agency of Maurice Anderson, and Thomas Millar (A2090) was also a £10 winner at the Horse n Jockey.

No jackpot was won with the numbers 2, 3, 11, and 25 and is £200 for the week.
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Agents News
We were delighted to learn that Maurice Gibson has returned home from hospital and is once again amongst family.

Sadly we have learned that long time Sports Bond member Wilma Smith's husband Don has been in hospital for a few weeks now. We send our best wishes to Don and Wilma at this difficult time.

Sympathy is extended to Jimmy Patterson and wife Lily on the passing of her sister Jean McAuley.

Birthday wishes go to Caroline Lowry who celebrates her birthday on Friday.
First Score
The winner of the Viaplay Scottish League Cup Final First Score was Mark Wylie, Mark had the winning time of 44 minutes thanks to a Kyogo Furuhashi goal for Celtic. A great start to the year for Mark. Probably in years to come when people read this column the name Mark Wylie and First Score will be synonymous as he has won more First Score than anyone else.

The Carabao English Footall League Cup Final First Score has seen two winners so far. Michael Lyness on a card sold by Alan Armstrong. Michael had the winning time of 33 mins thanks to an opening goal from Casemiro for Manchester United. Sports Bond agent Tony McCallum had a winner with Grandson Ricky Moore. All will receive £30. There should be more winners out there so to claim contact Brian Thompson on 07831 803970.

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