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Cliftonville Match Report
Unverified Sources
Uploaded Friday, 3rd Feb, 2023 at 13:14

BALLYMENA United are aware of the various rumours circling citing 'unverified sources' about the future of the club, emergency meetings and paying wages.
Regarding one newspaper report that mentions boardroom changes with 'no official confirmation from the club' - it was clearly communicated back in November ( and on social media) that a new board and management committee had been installed by shareholders to continue running the club until the AGM in June to maintain stability, at which time the shareholders will have the ability to nominate a longer term board in full knowledge of the facts. This was after an earlier publicly advertised meeting of shareholders for the sole purpose of nominating a new board and chairman.
Regarding these 'emergency meetings', since November there has been ongoing communication between the board, manager and the shareholders to agree the best pathway forward for the club. This has again been an open discussion forum with full facts to allow the shareholders, as the owners of the club, to have full insight into the tasks and actions put in place by the board and management committee. This has been done to be open and upfront so as to avoid the rumour mill, however, we can't stop people trying to make up their own conclusions from misguided interpretation of facts. Since then there have been a number of follow up meetings with shareholders who are offering their knowledge and expertise in some of the areas discussed - no emergencies.
Finally, with regard to our finances, as previously publicly stated by David Jeffrey in multiple interviews in January, with any business there are times where savings have to be identified alongside maximising new income streams. No player was pushed out the door in January, but as a business we were open to listen to the offers made for the players who moved on. Again, no emergencies, but we have to be realistic moving forward that we are trying to maintain a part time football club in a league of increasingly full time clubs, and as we seek to increase long term investment we all have to be realistic as to what our short term outlay is.
Speculation is not only widely inaccurate but also very unhelpful not only for the football club, but also the NI Football League as we drive to make local football a bigger and better product together. The board and management committee will continue to work to ensure we remain as competitive on and sustainable off the pitch for the longer term.

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