Tuesday 3rd October v. Lisburn Distillery (home) - BetMcLean League Cup rd1 - k.o: 7:45pm

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Ballykeel senior citizens celebrate on Sports Bond
Uploaded Monday, 30th Jan, 2023 at 06:45

A SMALL area in Ballykeel 1 estate has become a Sports Bond hotspot for senior citizen winners.
Last week John Brough was a £50 major winner and Mary McKeeman was a £10 minor winner. This week Betty Rock (A9226) was a £50 major winner. Betty lives only a few yards from both. Now given that Nan Lowry and Mary McKeeman have both been £1000 jackpot winners in recent years this area had become something of a Sports Bond hotspot. Betty joined Sports Bond at the end of the summer. Her late husband had been a member on the agency of the late Geoff Cooke and Nathan Gilmore and was delighted when she received a canvass from promoter Brian Thompson. Now she has won more than she had paid in and we hope she enjoys more success on Sports Bond.

Now another member on the agency of Alex Beverland like Betty has won more on Sports Bond than he has paid in. Like Betty, Peter Smith (A4908) joined as a Sports Bond member through canvassing in the summer months. Peter has already won a £10 minor prize and this week won a £50 major prize. Now can he go one better and become a jackpot winner and join an exclusive club of minor, major and jackpot winner.

On that subject we also have a winner this week who has accomplished this feat. Ashley Doole (B8229) was a £1000 jackpot in December 2021. We believe he was alone a previous major winner and this week he completed the trio with a £10 minor win.

In Harryville the Steele family are uniquely celebrating for the third week in a row on Sports Bond. 2 weeks ago Linda Stewart was a £10 winner, then her brother Ian Steele was a major winner last week and this week their aunt Mary Steele (A4747) was a £10 minor winner. Will a member of the Steele family win next week?

The remaining £10 winner was Pamela Anderson (A7915) on the agency of her husband Maurice Anderson. January was a good month for Pamela as she won a prize on the New Year's draw.

No jackpot was allocated with the numbers 10, 16, 23, and 28 and the jackpot for this week is £450.
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First Score & Agents News
Sky Blue fan Johnny Doak won the First Score at Solitude on Saturday. Johnny had the winning time of 30 minutes and picked up £30 for his first win in the competition. Congratulations to Johnny.

Next First Score will be at Taylors Avenue on Valentine's evening match with Carrick Rangers.

Best wishes to Sports Bond Agent Julie Moore who enters hospital this week for Knee surgery. We hope all will be good and allows her greater mobility on her collection run.

Happy birthday to another Julie, that is Julie Acheson, who is a member on Maurice Andersons agency. Julie celebrates her birthday on Monday.
Suit Sponsorship Draw
For the upcoming corporate lunch we had the suit sponsorship draw. On hand to complete the draw at the Showgrounds was Mark Wilson Showgrounds Manager, Declan Casey Duty Manager and Gregory Warwick. The Sports Bond Jackpot machine was used to complete the draw with all the sponsors allocated a numbered ball. It was agreed that the principle of last man standing was used with a numbered ball being eliminated on each round. The last 3 numbered balls were 8, 11, and 7 which represented Moby Chip, The Country Garage and Telstar Marketing.

The winning combination was: -

1) Winner of a corporate dinner - Moby Chip

2) Winner of 4 match tickets - The Country Garage

3) Winner of 2 match tickets - Telstar Marketing

Congratulations to George Stirling and we hope to see you and your guests on February 11th against Portadown.
BUFC Calendar 2023
Only half a dozen calendars remain and will go on sale at Saturday's game. You can purchase before Saturday by ringing Brian Thompson on 07831 803970.

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