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Randalstown Success on Sports Bond
Uploaded Sunday, 15th Sep, 2019 at 20:47

WE have quite a few members in Randalstown mostly based in the Neilsbrook estate. This week saw a major £50 win for one and that was Eddie Ingram (B5199), most of the members are on Alastair Shaw's agency.
Up the road in Ahoghill Paul Leggett (A7826) was a £50 major winner on Maurice Anderson's agency. Back in Ballymena Ivor Brady (B2552) was a £50 winner on Brett Thompson's agency.

Mari O'Hagan (A3924) who joined back in May had her first win with a £10 minor success, whilst Richard Hegan (A6578) who joined a few months before that had his second £10 minor win on the growing agency of Elaine Dempster. Meanwhile one of our faithful agents, Jo Gillen (B2415) at the Hawthorn Inn had a £10 win.

Still no Jackpot recorded with the numbers 11, 13, 17 and 24 and this week the Jackpot is £650.
First Score
The Northern Ireland v Germany First Score undertaken amongst the Sports Bond agents was won by Hazel Patterson, wife of Seven Towers Chairman Tommy Patterson, with a winning card of 48 mins, Hazel picks up £30.

First Score will be at Mourneview on Saturday, so who will follow the success of Richard Russell and Billy Armstrong this season, already First Score winners.
Player Sponsor
Almost all the entire first team squad have their sponsors, however, with the acquisition of Leo Brown and Ethan Warnock sponsors are sought for these new players. If interested in the benefits of a Player Sponsor ring Brian Thompson on 07831 803970.

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