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Now it's four in a row for Mo on Sports Bond
Uploaded Sunday, 29th Aug, 2021 at 21:08

LAST week we were taking note of the fact that Maurice Anderson had for the second time this year achieved a major £50 Winner for 3 weeks in a row.
However this week Maurice went to the next level of four in a row when he had another £50 major winner with Jacqueline Millar (B9945). Jacqueline who is a resident of Laurel Park in Ahoghill has been a previous winner.

This week we will see if Maurice makes it five in row which would be a great achievement for his agency.

Over in Kells and Connor Sky Blue fan Mervyn Gregg (B8420) was a £50 major winner. Both Mervyn and Jacqueline are B number prefixes which is unique in recent winners. Both the minor winners were back in Ballymena with Ann Fletcher (A2627) in South Ballymena and Daniel Armstrong (A0189) in North Ballymena on the agency of Alex Beverland.

The weekly jackpot continues to rise as no jackpot was allocated with the numbers 3, 8, 11, and 26. This week £250 is on offer. Join Sports Bond now by ringing 07831 803970.
Agents News
Happy Birthday to Rose Linton who was celebrating another birthday at the weekend. This incoming September we will be hosting the Magic Member promotion. This has been popular with agents in pass years and with our 20th anniversary approaching in November we have decided to reintroduce it this year.
First Score
With the postponement of the fixture with Linfield our first Irish League First Score will be on Friday 10th September against Glentoran. There will also be a first score launched this week for the Northern Ireland vs Switzerland World Cup Qualifier on Wednesday 8th September.
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